Natural Screens

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Guangdong Bamboo Limited is one of the leading supplier in China for Bamboo Stakes(Bamboo Canes) and a wide range of natural Garden Fences.
Our facilities are located in the south of China, Guangdong area is the most famous origin of high quality bamboo, bark, fern, heather , we’re at the subtropical zone so we are lucky that our mountains provide us lots of natural materials.
Bamboo Stakes for Nursery supporting is one of our very important business, Our local farmers call the name of our Bamboo Canes as Tsinglee canes, which are extremely strong, straight, flexible, durable in uses.  Ideal for supporting trees and flowers in Agriculture and Horticulture,  They are also the very good materials for making Bamboo fences which are of nice looking and strong, very less risks in mold or Insect issues.
We are so strong in the the production of screens like heather, bark, fern as it is one of the very traditional hand work in our country area, now we are using semi-automatic machines in the recent years, to help us to work much faster and reduce the labor costs too, We normally store very large volume of materials from September till March next year, which will enable us keep quality stable and reliable.
We are in a satisfied position to supply 200 x 40’ containers per year.
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